Improving Efficiency in Health Care Help Desk Operation

Case Study

Executive Overview


  • Need to ensure the smooth transition of help desk services
  • Users require reliable support 24/7/365


  • Fully staffed, round-the-clock help desk support
  • Comprehensive discovery and onboarding process
  • Relief for the internal IT team


  • Seamless help desk support services
  • Quick response times and low call abandon rates
  • Creation and ongoing development of a resource and knowledge base

For one children’s medical center, improving efficiency meant finding ways to reduce expenses without overburdening staff. One possible area with room for improvement was their help desk operations.

The idea of outsourcing help desk support was appealing. It would mean spending less on support services while also freeing up internal resources to focus on other priorities. But there was a catch.

In a medical environment, unreliable technology poses a real threat to the health and safety of young patients. When something goes wrong, doctors, nurses, and staff need to know they’ll have the help desk support that they’ll need 24/7/365 to ensure that absolute minimum disruption.

If the children’s medical center was going to outsource their help desk, they had to be sure they would be in good hands.

Business Challenge

One of the early indicators that the children’s medical center should outsource their help desk support came as a result of an internal cost study. This study revealed that outsourcing could help the organization save significant money over the long term. Yet the challenge ran deeper than counting dollars and cents.

“It’s not just a cost savings,” explained the center’s manager of IT support services. “Personally overseeing the help desk and making sure it’s staffed is a major undertaking.”

Having operated the medical center’s help desk himself, the manager of IT support services knew the medical center had to find a partner up to the challenge of providing reliable, constant support in a high-stakes environment.

Finally, there was the challenge of transition: For outsourcing to be effective, it also had to be seamless. Given the nature of the services provided by the children’s medical center, they needed to find a partner that could provide the same level of support users had come to expect, right from day one.

That’s when they discovered Global Help Desk Services (GHDSi).


After conducting their due diligence, the children’s medical center noted several factors that suggested GHDSi could be a great fit. That included GHDSi’s experience with hospitals and health care, and their willingness to adopt the medical center’s ticketing system for customer issues.

But what really sealed the deal was the solutions GHDSi offered to the specific challenges the medical center faced.

Icon-Time-png Help Desk Services 24/7/365

First and foremost, the medical center needed a partner that could guarantee adequate support 24/7/365. GHDSi was able to provide full coverage around the clock, and they understood the life-and-death stakes inherent in supporting a medical center. GHDSi had the experience and staff to provide the needed support.

icon-4 Comprehensive Discovery and Onboarding

The medical center was also concerned that outsourcing help desk support would lead to a long, difficult transition period. When GHDSi explained their comprehensive discovery process, along with their approach to onboarding agents, it was clear that the new help desk would be able to seamlessly take over support services without causing delays and frustration for users.

icon-9 Reliefe for the Internal IT Team

 It was clear that outsourcing help desk support would help the medical center save money. After learning more about GHDSi in particular, however, it also became apparent to the medical center that outsourcing could help them free up internal resources.

“The savings for me include the fact that it allows me to spend more time making sure that our knowledge articles are up to date and making sure that our field support team has the resources they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities,” said the manager of IT support services. Thanks to the services of GHDSi, the manager and his team were able to focus on projects and priorities that went beyond resolving tickets.



Currently, GHDSi resolves more than 1,500 tickets a month. With an average speed of answer at around 35 seconds, and an abandon rate under 5%, GHDSi has conclusively demonstrated their ability to provide the level of support the children’s medical center needs.


 Tickets Per Month = >1,500 / Avg. Speed of Answer = 00:00:35 / Abandon Rate = <5%

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Beyond such metrics, GHDSi has also developed a deep knowledge base of the medical center’s operations and systems, resulting in a help desk function able to deliver a seamless experience to users who likely never realize they’re speaking with an outsourced service provider. Maintaining that knowledge base, as well as open and ongoing communication with users, is a key priority of GHDSi.

When issues do arise, the medical center’s manager of IT support services reports that GHDSi is always there to provide much-needed support.

“They’re really quick to react when we have issues, such as when the phone system is down in one of our branches or someone is having a problem accessing an application,” he said. “They also take initiative when they see a trend and alert us, which goes miles in helping to assist our users and ensure they have the resources they need. That open communication has helped us to provide a great customer experience.”

In a medical center built to serve children, that reliability goes a long way to supporting healthcare personnel in their mission to provide exceptional care.


“I would definitely recommend Global Help Desk to a peer. And I would tell them that they should expect constant, professional, prompt, and courteous service — because I haven’t seen anything less from them.”

- Manager of IT Support Services, Children’s Medical Center


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