Help Desk Support That Steps Up in a Crisis

Case Study

Executive Overview


  • A help desk coverage gap left behind by another vendor
  • Large ticket volume needs immediate support


  • Addition of highly trained and qualified agents
  • Expanded help desk services to cover the gap
  • Solution built on pre-existing foundation


  • Seamless transition to support services from GHDSi
  • Company growth fully supported
  • More than 10,000 monthly tickets resolved

A Fortune 100 financial services organization that provides retirement solutions to nearly 4 million people requires a significant amount of help desk support. For our client in particular, this need only grew as they looked to scale up operations.

Between 2015 and 2018, the financial services organization significantly grew their IT services in India. Further staffing decisions led to the organization to rely on three different vendors for help desk support:

• Contractors in India taking overnight and off-hours calls
A domestic vendor in the United States providing daytime services
Global Help Desk Services (GHDSi) handling a daytime overflow of 1,500–1,700 calls per month

For a while, this arrangement worked well for the client. But when one vendor dropped out, suddenly everything changed.

“Global Help Desk has erased our issues with being properly staffed. Even when the call volume varies, GHDSi is able to manage it all and keep our queue times very low.”  

- Senior Manager, Service Desk

Business Challenge

Our client hoped that having three different help desk vendors would ensure they kept up with call volume. Instead, when their other domestic vendor pulled out most of their agents, the financial services organization suddenly found itself badly shorthanded.

"Working with other vendors wasn’t as seamless as we had thought,” said the client’s senior manager for service desk production services. In order to have the right help desk support in place, he explained, “we need to have ‘too much’ or we wouldn’t have enough.”

When the other vendor scaled back, our client needed help to make up the difference. That’s when GHDSi quickly scaled up services to cover the gap, increasing support from1,500 tickets per month to handling more than 8,000 phone calls and 3,000 chats.

Even at the best of times, this transition would pose challenges. But with the client already struggling to keep up with the demands of high growth, there was a serious concern that this shakeup could mean users were left in the lurch.

“We were having challenges with the proper coverage as the company grew,” said the senior manager for service desk production services. “It would have only become more difficult for us.”

But in the face of this onslaught of tickets, GHDSi stepped up to cover the gap.


GHDSi launched a 90-day plan to take over the additional workload and provide full and sustainable help desk coverage. Fifteen hundred tickets became 3,000, then 5,000, and so on until GHDSi was serving as the financial services organization’s primary help desk support team.

How did they do it? By putting a plan in place to quickly ramp up and provide the much-needed help.

Highly Trained and Qualified Agents

The secret to GHDSi’s success is the quality of their agents. With an emphasis on customer service and emotional intelligence, GHDSi agents are particularly equipped to handle high-pressure situations. GHDSi also increased the number of staff serving the financial services organization from a team of five or six to a staff of 30 at peak.

Expanded Help Desk Services

In addition to bringing on more agents, GHDSi also expanded their services by creating a semi-tiered support model for the financial services organization. This “tier 1.5” support service was given the same access and permissions as a field service support group but handled tickets remotely. That gave GHDSi more ways to quickly resolve user tickets.

icon-us-based-help-desk-agentsU.S.-Based Support

During a potentially difficult transition, good communication is key. GHDSi is a U.S.-based help desk services provider, which helps reduce friction between agents and users and improve overall communication.

 Thorough Onboarding Process

When the financial services organization originally hired GHDSi, two GHDSi representatives collaborated on-site with the client for a week to review processes and map out documentation. This extra attention and thorough onboarding process provided the rock-solid foundation necessary for GHDSi to quickly step up and fill the coverage gap created by the withdrawal of the other help desk vendor.



Today, the financial services organization relies on GHDSi to provide its frontline support services, handling more than 10,000 tickets per month.

The partnership has been such a success that the financial services organization is looking to expand the relationship further and migrate toward an enterprise service desk model. This approach will combine the expertise of GHDSi’s support agents with the organization’s internal IT team members, and it will elevate the services GHDSi can provide at level 1 and 2 of support.

“Now we have GHDSi to grow with us and help us scale,” said the senior manager for service desk production services. “It’s just the perfect match of customer service, technical strength, and flexibility. It’s very hard to find a vendor that does all three of these things well. GHDSi meets these criteria, which is key.”

No matter what challenges the financial services organization has faced since 2018, including the shift to remote work during COVID, they’ve been able to rely on GHDSi to provide all their help desk support service needs.

“I think that speaks volumes to the service they provide,” the service desk manager said. “GHDSi has been the perfect partner for us.”

“It’s just the perfect match of customer service, technical strength and flexibility. It’s very hard to find a vendor that does all three of these things well. GHDSi meets these criteria, which is key.”

Senior Manager for Service Desk Production Services, Financial Services Organization


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